Zhenzhong Hu

    He recieved both his BE and PhD degree in the Department of Civil Engineering at Tsinghua University, China. He was a visiting researcher in Carnegie Mellon University.
    He is now the associate professor in both the Department of Civil Engineering and Tsinghua Shenzhen International Graduate School, Tsinghua University. He is also the secretary general of the BIM Specialty Committee of the China Graphics Society.
    His research interests include information technologies in civil and marine engineering, building information modeling (BIM) and digital disaster prevention and mitigation.
  • 2019-05-30

    Our new article entitled "Automatically Generating a MEP Logic Chain from Building Information Models with Identification Rules" has been published in Applied Sciences. It is a free access article. The research achievement is one of the BIM innovative applications to MEP projects. The paper proposed an approach to integrate the geometrical topological information and the definitions for logic relations of recognition rules of BIM models, so that it can realize the automatic recognition and extension for logic relations of MEP. Such information is of significant importance to assist MEP projects during its operation phrase.

  • 2019-05-28

    Yaqi Xiao, the sixth master student under my supervision, has successfully passed his thesis defense in the Department of Civil Engineering of Tsinghua University. His master degree thesis entitle "Research on Search and Analysis of MEP Operation and Maintenance Information Based on Domain Ontology" has established the MEP knowledge mapping method based on MEP ontology. The proposed method searches the associated relationship and the logical relation of MEP based on domain knowledge. Finally, the method by eatablishing the monitoring information model for MEP, can search and analyze the KPI on building energy consumption. The presentation file with voice has been added to "Resources" section. Welcome to download and any comments are welcome.

  • 2019-04-12

    I was invited to give a seminar talk for PhD students at the AIS (Advanced Infrastructure Systems) Research Center in Carnegie Mellon University. The theme of the talk was "Key Technologies of BIM Applications in MEP Engineering", which mainly introduced the description, composition, definition, integration and expansion of the MEP information model, as well as the methods of data processing, lightweighting and optimization algorithms, and BIM application cases of MEP engineering for building lifecycle.

  • 2019-04-02

    The research achievement "Research on the Integration of Information Technology and Platform for Construction Engineering Based on BIM" won the second prize in the 2018 "Huaxia" Construction Technology Award. The research aims at solving the problems caused by the fragmentation for information in various stages of construction projects, the difficulties of multi-participant collaborative works. From the aspects of theory, technology, platform, and application, our group carried out systematic researches on the information technologies for construction engineering platform based on BIM. The BIM-based platform and multiple software system, developed with completely independent intellectual property, have been promoted and applied in a vast number of large-scale projects in multiple engineering fields such as buildings, highways, bridges, subways, and corridors. It improved the collaborative work efficiency and informatization management level for projects, and have significant social and economic benefits. In addition, another project that we participated in, "Research and Application of Modern Construction Technology for Super Large-scale Underground Ecological Water Plants in the Central City of Beijing" has won the third prize.

  • 2019-03-05

    Slides for "Fundamental Technologies of Building Information Modeling Technologies" in 2017 have been added to "Teaching Courses" section, Welcome to download and any comments are welcome.