Zhenzhong Hu

    He received both his BE and PhD degree in the Department of Civil Engineering at Tsinghua University, China. He was a visiting researcher in Carnegie Mellon University.
    He is now the associate professor in Shenzhen International Graduate School, Tsinghua University, and also the secretary general of the BIM Specialty Committee of the China Graphics Society.
    His research interests include information technologies in civil and marine engineering, building information modeling (BIM) and digital disaster prevention and mitigation.
  • TOP-1

    The research group will recruit several PHD and master students and 2 postdocs.

    There are three requirements for doctoral and master students  enrollment: (1) Applicants should have an engineering background and have a strong interest in information technology. Applicants should have obtained a relevant bachelor's or master's degree; (2) Strong technical background, including but not limited to research experiences in BIM/GIS, Internet, digital twin, artificial intelligence, etc. Candidates with research or practical experiences in algorithms, and the development of large-scale software systems or Web/App will be preferred; (3) Highly self-motivated, good written and oral English communication skills, and independent working ability.

    Postdoctoral recruitments should also meet the following two points: (1) The applicant should be under the age of 35 and have obtained a doctoral degree no more 3 years; (2) The research directions are civil engineering information technology, Marine environmental information modeling and application, data-driven knowledge discovery and application, etc. (Note: postdoctoral candidates are required to present a half-hour academic presentation, including the main research works during PHD period and future postdoctoral work plans).

    If you are interested, please send your resume, transcripts and work plan to the email: hu.zhenzhong@sz.tsinghua.edu.cn. For details, please see: PHD Master Recruitment and Postdoctoral Recruitment.

  • TOP-2

    26 November 2021, Discharge of treated Fukushima nuclear accident contaminated water: macroscopic and microscopic simulations has been published on National Science Review, which is a full affirmation of the students and teachers of the subject group who are generous and rigorous in their learning! NSR officer micro-push high-quality and efficient, reflecting China's outstanding leading journals of the super-class level! Thanks to the director of singhua University's Institute for Ocean Engineering (IOE), Zhang Jianmin's guidance and support, thanks to the editorial department and reviewers for their high evaluation!

    The results of this study are of great significance for the prediction of long-term spread of pollutants, the rational response of nuclear wastewater discharge plans and the monitoring of subsequent radioactive material concentrations. In the future, we will continue to deepen our research, Further explore the long-term impact of the discharge of nuclear waste water on the whole ocean and mankind, and provide important decision support for the country and the world to deal with the nuclear wastewater crisis!

    Note: National Science Review , whose impact factor in 2021 is 17.275, is the top journal in the multi-discipline domain. For more information, please see the introduction video.

  • 2022-08-25

    Congratulations to Yuan Shuang, a PhD student from the Department of Civil Engineering of Tsinghua University, and Zhang Yunyi, a postdoc, who successfully passed the dissertation defense.

    Among them, the title of Yuan Shuang's paper is "Collaborative Research on Building, Personnel and Digital Model in Energy Consumption Management", which analyzes and summarizes the collaborative relationship and architecture of building entities, personnel and digital model in the energy consumption management of building operation and maintenance period. Behavior for energy consumption, personnel, environment and operation data such as the design of the standardized data model and data integration method based on BIM, staff behavior detection algorithm is proposed based on ensemble learning, building the human-computer interaction method based on metope touch with collaborative data cleaning methods, and develop the corresponding energy consumption management platform based on the actual engineering data for the inspection method.

    Zhang Yunyi paper titled "construction intelligent Internet of key technology and development", the study put forward the construction engineering technology architecture of Internet of things platform, designs the general structure of iot gateway and three kinds of realization forms, and puts forward the data standardization expression and storage mode, realized the iot data with BIM data fusion and unified management, according to the specific needs of the business, The technical schemes of alarm and equipment linkage, process automation identification, object recognition and positioning and other business scenarios are designed and realized. Combined with the actual engineering project, the proposed method, technology and platform are verified by application.

  • 2022-08-16

    I was invited to attend the 52nd BIM special technical report of Guangzhou Metro Lecture Hall, and gave a lecture titled "From Data to Knowledge -- Innovation and Development of Engineering Management Information Technology". About 240 leaders and senior management of the group attended the meeting.

    At the meeting, the definition, processing and optimization of the information model were introduced, and then the acquisition, expression, storage, management, data mining and application methods of the construction of the adjacent city engineering data were discussed. On this basis, the development of project management information technology is prospected, the development trend, research direction and application cases of the combination of ClM, digital twin and knowledge graph with BIM technology are introduced, and the development approaches of modernization and intelligence of project management are explored.

    BIM technology has gradually turned into one of the necessary skills of civil engineering practitioners. However, we still need to continue to dig the application prospect of BIM technology, and drive the sustainable development of social economy in a safer and better way in the post-BIM technology era!

  • 2022-07-17

    The summer is long and green. In this summer, in order to enhance the sense of team cooperation, enhance the cohesion of the team, and also to see the beautiful scenery of pengcheng beach in summer, the members of the research group went to Dapeng New Area to carry out a team building activity.

    The event took various forms, including sports competitions, puzzle games and networking dinners. In the process of sports competition, we are divided into two teams, red and blue, compete and go, sweat down the game, happy and matchless, to show a positive, persistent spirit. The puzzle game fully reflects the team members quick thinking, articulate, good at observing the characteristics of people, but also full of laughter. In the exchange dinner that followed, we did everything by ourselves, from making fire with charcoal to washing food to baking and tasting, all permeating the joy of working. Among them, both the reluctance to bake mistakes, but also the amazing performance of the praise, pushed everyone's enthusiasm to the peak!

    The sun is warm, live up to the time, with a team construction to a date in July, our research group will continue to move forward with this wonderful!