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Introduction of Teaching

    Holding a professional basic course "CAE in Civil and Architecture Engineering" (totally 32 teaching hours every year) for graduate students and another coopertional professional basic course "Computer Drawing in Engineering" (a national quality curriculum, 8 teaching hours and 24 counseling hours every year) for undergraduate students; In 2014,Opened a undergraduate professional course "Building Information Modeling(BIM) technology basic"(32 teaching hours every year).Supervising 3 postgraduate students, 6 undergraduate students and 5 PhD students (assist). Response for two SRT projects.
    Concurrently serves as the director of the Mechanics Computing and Simulation Laboratory (CAD / CAE Educational Laboratory + Digital Disaster Prevention and Virtual Engineering Laboratory) of Tsinghua University, which is one of the seven laboratories under the National Mechanics Experimental Teaching Center (one of the first batch of 500).The laboratory annually serves more than 300 undergraduate and nearly 50 graduate students, covering about 13,000 machine-on teaching workload per year.